Administrative affairs and support Administrative affairs and support

Administrative affairs and support, recruiting needed staff and providing welfare services to employees are in the area of ​​HRM activity which can have an effective role in the efficiency and motivation of employees to perform the desired job.

Duties  and Responsibilities :

  • Application and excitation of employment laws and regulations of staff and faculty.
  • Investigation of employment regulations and rules.
  • Preparation of plans for the general welfare of the staff of the Institute and supervision of the good implementation of the approved plans.
  • Maintenance of recruitment records.
  • Collecting personal information of employees and preparing staff statistics.
  • Provide any corrective comments on employee recruitment and welfare issues to the relevant authorities.
  • Forecasting, supplying and distributing the requirements of the various units in accordance with the defined schedule and regulations.
  • Planning for the maintenance of buildings and facilities, campus and institute units.
  • Supervision of servants and their location.
  • Define and interpret the policy set in the procurement field.
  • Doing green space.

Overall, administrative and support functions are responsible for overseeing all secretariat affairs, supplies and services, one of which may be called the Secretariat.


      - Secretariat:

The Secretariat shall manage the Institute's office affairs in accordance with the established and specified procedures of the University, and shall circulate correspondence and administrative records, and shall supervise and supervise the proper flow of incoming and outgoing circulation in and out of the Institute.

duties and authorities:

  • Supervising and sending or receiving letters from various departments of the central organization or offices, government agencies and natural and legal persons.
  • Supervise the separation and distribution of letters, instructions, circulars, written administrative orders and invitations whether issued or incoming.
  • Perform archiving of documents and archives to maintain records and oversee correspondence.
  • Sending mails, mail packages, faxes, and receiving invoices


Head of Administration and Support

Amir Rezaei

Phone: +9821-61118337



Administrative and Welfare Partners



Office Contact Number

Administrative Assistant

Lida Karimi

Phone: +9821-61118322

Responsible for attendance system

Massoud Akbari

Phone: +9821-61118382

In charge of registrations

Neda Khaksarian

Phone: +9821-61118300

Responsible for servants

Majid Zenili


Responsible for the installation force

Amir Ghahremani


Mail carrier

Mohammad Ali Nirouei

Phone: +9821-61118342