Seismic Researches Division



The seismic section started at the beginning of the work of the Institute of Geophysics as an integrated department in the university of Tehran. This section has been created to provide a foundation for applied research in the field of seismology and communication with organizations and other centers. In addition, this section offers different students training courses, geological structures studies, geotechnical studies, environmental applications, sub-surface studies for the development of infrastructure, especially in dams, tunnels, subways, and the construction of vital buildings and facilities.


Section members:

    Faculty Members:

Dr. Majid Nabi Bidhendi

Dr. Hamid Siahkouh

Dr. Mohammad Ali Riahi

Dr. Ali Gholami  

Dr. Navid Amini

Dr. Hossein Hashemi 

Engineer Amir Ghahremani


    Laboratory and field equipment:

A 24-channel seismic ABEM 

6-channel seismic device oyo

Printer devices for recording data

3  P, S 50 geophones

Geophones of three components 30

Cable downhole geophone along with the three components

Related cables for conducting border defect operations

Special Tomography Cables 

Specially designed sandwiches for the S wave

Weighing  50 kg with a special tripod for creating artificial springs 

Dynasource to create artificial springs


    Completed projects:

Broken  Fracture Failure and Seismic Tomography of Tang Dam 

Down-hole seismic study on Lamerd cement project 

Geophysical studies in the range of minerals of Faraz Ferozo Mountain cement 

Seismic and geoelectric studies in Razi Petrochemical Complex, Bandar Imam 

Down-hole seismic studies in Mahsan project 

In- house studies of housing cooperatives District Unit 6 Company 

Seismic studies inside the Asaluyeh petrochemical well 

Seismic studies in Kermanshah petrochemical wells 

Seismic studies inside the well of Assaluyeh special gas field 

Geophysical studies of the Bushehr nuclear power plant 

Microtremor  studies at the site of the Export Development Bank of Iran 

Seismic studies in the wells of the Central Building Building of Iran's Export Development Bank 

Seismic studies in the wells of Kermanshah Petrochemical Complex 

Seismic study of Shahid Rajaee power plant site 

Seismic study of dam construction site and Gotvand Oliya power plant 

Seismic study of Sahand power plant site 

Geophysical studies of the new construction site of Tehran's governorate 

Seismic study of Plodrood reservoir site 

Studies on seismicity of the well and broken frontier of Khoy power plant 

Investigating the effects of Gol Gohar iron ore mine on the building 

Geophysical studies of yazdbaf spinning factory 

Seismic study of Mirdamad Commercial Complex 

Geophysical studies of fresh areas and streams of Ahar city 

Geophysical study of Shahid Rajaee Dam Sari 

Geophysical study of the Vanak Park Residential Complex 

Geophysical study of Isfahan aromatic design 

Seismographic wisdom studies in the Tang Duc  barracks

Geophysical Study of East and West Guilan Designs of Nawarud Dam 

Geophysical study of East and West Gilan plain of Pul Rud Dam 

Geophysical Study of East and West Gilan Shafarood Dam Project 

Geophysical Study of the Kermanite Kerman Workshop 

Geophysical studies of Bandar Abbas gas collection and refinery pipelines 

Refractive Studies of the Stour Minean Dam


Rock Physics Librotary


Head of seismic division:  Hossein Hashemi Shahedani