Considering the population growth and physical development of the world's cities, natural hazards and atmospheric phenomena have also increased. To face with these phenomena, there is a need for widespread scientific studies to be carried out at the international standard level. In Iran, likewise in all other countries, the management of natural disasters is very important and requires national and integrated co-ordination. Therefore, in addition to the relevant organizations, other organs, including universities, have a significant contribution to this. The basic need for crisis management is to identify the factors that cause them to be related to geological or atmospheric phenomena.

The Institute of Geophysics is also active in this regard as one of the research institutes of the university. Study of the structure and faults of the earth, exploration of mines, engineering geology and archeology, dams, bridges, tombstones, airports, power plants, underground waters, rocks dating, atmospheric phenomena such as air pollution, fertility of the clouds Numerical predictions of climate, climate, storms, storm rainfall, astronomical phenomena, solar eclipse, eclipse, eclipse, eclipse, etc. all and all are made in the form of fundamental and applied research in the Institute. 

Other results of the these studies include the publication of scientific articles, including valid international papers with the ISI Index, ISC, and internal research papers, as well as the publication of various articles in the proceedings of international and national conferences.


Research Assistant of the Institute: Dr. Mehdi Rezapour

Research Expert: Ms. Naebi (contact number: 61118324)