Library Services



  • Official membership

The official membership in the library of the Institute of Geophysics is currently available for professors, students and university stafflibrary services to official members is feasible only with the university membership card.(student, worker and faculty).

  • Unofficial membership

Visitors from other organizations and universities may use library resources through their daily membership and student cards.

remember: the daily membership price is 5000 Rials.


Documents required for unofficial membership in the library of the Institute of Geophysics

Two pieces of photo

Copy of ID card and national card

Letter of introduction from the relevant university (certificate of employment)


Membership fee Plans:

Monthly payment of 100,000 Rials

The six-month membership fee is 200,000 Rials

One year's membership fee is 300,000 Rials


Membership duration

Students, faculties and staff may use the library facilities as long as they are officially registered or employed in the University of Tehran.

Part-time  lecturers may have access to the resources up to one semester.


How to search the book on the link below:

     Search the libraries of Tehran University


How to search for a dissertation on the link below:

Thesis research


Borrowing rules:

According to the latest regulations approved by the use of Tehran University libraries:

  • University faculty:
    • 12 volumes (3-volume central library, 6-volume college library or 3-volume library)
    • Duration: 4 weeks
    • Retired faculties are required to pay a yearly registration fee.
  • PhD students:
    • 10 volumes (3-volume central library, 5-volume college library or 2-volume library)
    • Duration: 4 weeks .
  • Master students:
    • 9 volumes (2-volume central library, college library or 5-volume institution, 2-volume inter-library)
    • Duration: 3 weeks .
  • staff:
    • (formal, contractor and contractor): 6 volumes (central library 2 volumes, 2 volumes, 2 libraries)
    • Duration: 2 weeks
    • Retired staff are required to pay a yearly registration fee.
  • Unofficial members will not be lent, but there will be a possibility to copy.



If the borrower does not make the book in time, he must pay a fee for the book to the library late. 

Any kind of delay may be subjected to an overdue charge regardless of borrowers academic position. This amount is based on the "Regulations on the use of university libraries" for a total of 500 Rials daily till next 5 days and after that, the charge will increase to a daily value of 1000 Rials.


Settlement for graudation

All students must settle up with the library of the Institute of Geophysics before graduation. A pledge will be given to the students for assuring them of no-debt condition.

According to the regulations of the University of Tehran, graduate students are required to submit a  print of their thesis with a CD, including:


Pdf file from 15 first pages.

Pdf file of the entire thesis.

Word file of the entire thesis.

It must  be delivered to the library of the institute. It should be noted that the files must be completely identical with the original case study.


Hours of service

The Library of the Geophysical Institute offers its services in the following ways :

  1. Saturdays and Mondays from 8:00 to 18:00
  2. Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8 to 20