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  • Official membership

The official membership in the library of the Institute of Geophysics currently includes professors, students and staff of the University of TehranThe provision of library services to official members is possible by providing a card (student, worker and faculty) .

  • Unofficial membership

Visitors from other organizations and universities can use library resources through their daily membership and student cards.

It should be noted that the daily membership price is 50,000 Rials.


Documents required for unofficial membership in the library of the Institute of Geophysics

Two pieces of photo

Copy of ID card and national card

Letter of introduction from the relevant university (certificate of employment)


Pay a membership fee

Monthly payment of 100,000 Rials

The six-month membership fee is 200,000 Rials

One year's membership fee is 300,000 Rials


Membership duration

The term of the student's membership is until the end of the validity period of their student card .

The membership of the faculty and staff of the university is valid until the end of their period of employment at the university and will be renewed after retirement each year after the settlement .

Part-time part-time and full-time lecturers have a maximum of up to one semester .


How to search for resources in the library

  • Books

A user who visits the University of Tehran site after entering the search library, enter the search query and then selects, as the case may be, any of the options for the title, the author, the subject or all of the items. If there is a book on the subject of the search, the information on that page will appear on the page. At this time, the student should view the details of the loan situation to ensure that the book is available as well as the location of the book, then the guide number Write down the book and find the book number on the shelf.

After registering membership and entering members' information in the library system, the borrower can borrow his book for a specified period of time.


How to search the book on the link below: 

     Search the libraries of Tehran University


  • theses

The search method in this section is twofold:

Computer Search: In the library search engine, the keyword can be accessed with a more complete specification of the dissertation.

Dissertation theses are categorized into two categories:

A) Alphabetical Title

B. According to the author's alphabetic

Student credentials are required to use thesis.


After submitting the thesis to the responsible person of this section and after registering the thesis in the application form and giving the card, they can use the dissertation and after finishing their work they will put it on the corresponding shelf and receive your card. have.


How to search for a dissertation on the link below:

Thesis research


Scientific Information Resources

The University of Tehran, with a collection of about 120 titles of scientific journals in 1367, immediately rebuilt its collections after the end of the imposed war. In the middle of the 1370s, with the number of 3540 titles, it had the largest collection of scientific resources, and with the onset of the electronic movement in Scientific resources were the first university in the country to welcome these types of resources and by 2008 the number of online magazines was about 16,000. In 2009, the year of the explosion of scientific information at the University of Tehran, with the support of the chairman of the university, Dr. Banzadeh, was lifted up to the university's scientific information, and the number of electronic journals (Online) was about 40,000 titles, and for the first time about 25,000 titles were from the most authoritative Ebooks from the world's top publishers (Oxford, Elsevier, Springer) and over 22,000,000 abstract titles, and this valuable and unique treasure in the country is available to the general public and university students at all units of the University of Tehran. Now, the Tehran University of Science and Technology Faculty of Science and Technology is proud to provide the University of Tehran Digital Library with two new features of integrated search (Federated Search) and the possibility of using it for ease of access and search among this massive collection of credible scientific information. All the facilities of this valuable collection from any place and at any time (Athens) have been provided with the use of single word and password. It is hoped that the respected researchers of the University of Tehran, taking advantage of the latest information available at the University of Tehran's Digital Library, have played a precious role in Advancing national goals.


Number of resources and duration of the loan

According to the latest regulations approved by the use of Tehran University libraries:

  • University faculty: 12 volumes (3-volume central library, 6-volume college library or 3-volume library) 4 weeksRetired scholarly hubs are required to pay a bill of convenience at the expiration of each year with library libraries .
  • 10-volume doctoral students (3-volume central library, 5-volume college library or 2-volume library) 4 weeks .
  • Master students: 9 volumes (2-volume central library, college library or 5-volume institution, 2-volume inter-library) 3 weeks .
  • Tehran University staff (formal, contractor and contractor): 6 volumes (central library 2 volumes, 2 volumes, 2 libraries) 2 weeksRetired staff are required to pay a bill of exchange each year to the libraries of the place of employment
  • Unofficial members will not be lent, but there will be a possibility to copy.



If the book is requested by the members, the applicant can submit a Book Guide and a membership card to book the book.



If the borrower does not make the book in time, he must pay a fee for the book to the library late. 

This amount is based on the "Regulations on the use of university libraries" for a total of 500 Rials each and after 5 days 1000 Rials.



After graduation students must settle with the library of the Institute of Geophysics. A pledge will be given to all students after assuring them of non-debt.

According to the regulations of the University of Tehran, graduate students are required to print a thesis with their CD, including:


Pdf file from 15 first pages.

Pdf file of the entire thesis.

Word file of the entire thesis.

It is to be delivered to the library of the institute. It should be noted that the files should be completely identical with the original case study.


Hours of service

The Library of the Geophysical Institute offers its services in the following ways :

  1. Saturdays and Mondays from 8:00 to 18:00
  2. Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8 to 20