Ozone and Air Pollution Researches



This department was formed in the geophysical institute with the goals of research on the recognition and measurement of ozone layer and atmospheric pollutants in 1354 AH. At first, ozone measurements were carried out with the help of a measuring device, and the measurement of ozone, carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide in the troposphere (Verdesphere), in collaboration with the German Max Planck Research Center, began in this section. These measurements are used to determine the variations in the thickness of stratospheric dressing that is of particular importance. The training of students at different levels and the organization of short-term courses for apprentices in and outside the university is also part of the activities of this department.


Goals and capabilities of the sector

A. The main objectives of the research activities of this section are:

Identification and measurement of air pollutants and their effects on climate, climate and agricultural and environmental impacts.

Measurements of total ozone and surface ozone continuously at the site of the geophysical station

These studies are mainly carried out in the form of research projects approved by the research council of the university and the scientific council of the country.


B. The main objectives of this training are:

Collaboration in teaching undergraduate students and Ph.D. in Meteorology

Providing device facilities and statistical information for student research and thesis guidance


C. The main objectives of this section in relation to other organizations and centers are:

Collaborating with the French Science Research Center (CNRS), LPCE, in the Measurement of Fluency

Collaboration with the German Max Planck Center for Modeling for the Study of Ozone and Photochemistry in Iran and Iran.

Collaboration with the World Meteorological Organization and the German Center for Ozone (Holen peissenlerg)

Cooperation and advice in agricultural research related to the impact of pollutants on agricultural products and cooperation with health organizations in the country.

Co-operation and consultation on environmental issues of urban and urban organizations, assistance in determining the location of urban and industrial structures

Collaborate with the organization of ecology, environment, air quality control company and all centers of environmental pollution measurement and research in creating a database.

Contributing to the design and construction of sensors for measuring air pollutants


Section members:

Head of Section: Dr. Abbasali Aliakbari Bidokhti

Faculty Members: Dr. Majid Mazraeh Farahani


Experts :

Engineer: Ms. zahra shareipour

Ozone Department Email Address: ozone@ut.ac.ir


Equipment (laboratory and field)

A device for measuring total ozone concentrations

Electrochemical measuring device

Computer facilities and advanced software for ozone and photochemical calculations and modeling.

The polluter-station for the environmental organization includes pollutant data (CO, NO, NO2, NOX, PM2.5)