Administrative and Financial Affairs

Administrative and Financial affairs center is responsible for monitoring the implementation of all legal affairs of the university including management of the contracts for construction installation services and budget forecastingIt also works to establish a system of administrative affairs and enforcement of administrative and financial rules and regulations to pave the way for the achievement of higher education goals.


main duties and Responsibilities of Administrative and Financial Deputy:

  • Planning, managing and directing administrative and financial affairs, preparing and implementing civil operations within the framework of a comprehensive plan to provide and maintain the physical space appropriate for the Higher Education activities and researches .
  • Propose development budget and oversee the implementation of all employment, financial, trade and development regulations.
  • Supervising Financial Regulations.
  • Administration and management of Human resources
  • legislating and implementing of the welfare plans for the faculty and staff
  • Providing facilities in accordance with regulations.
  • enforcing and implementing all the legal affairs of the university and using the opinions of experts when necessary.
  • monitoring and administration of subordinate units' activities .


Administrative and financial departments include the following subsidiary units:

Finance and Accounting

Administration and Support



Administrative and Financial Assistant: Dr. Farahnaz Taghavi

Office Manager: Mr Mazaheri (Contact: +9821-61118322)