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Administrating all educational affairs , supervising the proper implementation of educational regulations and decision making on educational issues are the main responsibilities of the center of Educational and Student Services of the Institute of Geophysics under the supervision of the Deputy Education and Graduate School.

Educational services include admission and enrollment, curriculum and exams, entrance evaluations, postgraduate measures,  and other correspondences, graduation and certification affairs, and final cases related to Accommodation and nutrition, loans and scholarships, coordination of students' sports and cultural affairs





Sarmad, Ghader

Deputy of  Educational and postgraduate affairs


Reza, Ghanati

Head of Educational and Student Services


Leyla, Taheripoor

Educational expert

(Earth Physics and seismology)


Tahereh, Nayebi

Educational and Student Services expert

(Space Physics)


Robabeh, Keshtkar

Student Services expert

(Earth Physics and seismology)