Ionosphere Researches Division

The ionosphere unit is one of the departments in the space Physics Division, which has been established since 1344 SH. This section is designed to provide the ionospheric data required for research work. Participation in training and holding training courses is another part of works.


Goals and abilities

reseach activities

Study of functional areas of UNSF activities (telecommunications, radio, television, etc.)

Investigating active faults by studying phase shift of sent waves

Study of the interaction of Earth's magnetic and ionospheric activities in Iran

Study of regional anomalies (isostatic)

Investigation of the factors affecting the ionospheric activity in the middle latitudes


teaching activities:

Short-term training courses using Unossfariation

Providing backgrounds for enthusiasts inside and outside the university with methods and instruments for measuring the critical frequency of layers, the height of layers from the ground, the electron density of the layers, the F factor and the maximum usable frequency (MUF)


cooperation with other centers

Participation in implementation of applied research projects

Exchange data with other research centers


Faculty Members:

Dr Sarmed Ghader (faculty member)

Dr. Ahmed Raine (scientific associate)


Email section:


Equipment (laboratory and field):

IPS-71 ion-absorbing device for ionogram recording (ionograms)

Computer and software for recording and displaying data

Transmitter and receiver antenna system


Introducing Space Plasma Laboratory