Rock Physics Laboratory Rock Physics Laboratory


Introduction to Rock Physics Laboratory:

The rock physics laboratory has been established at the Institute of Geophysics since 1376, and has been completed since the advent of newer equipment in this laboratory since 2002.

Introducing the equipment in the rock lab:

  1. Ergotech apparatus and equipment (receivers, transmitters, converters, computers, printers) to measure the velocity of compressional and shear waves in rock samples under pressure from all sides (lateral and axial pressure) to 60 MPa.
  2. Filling device for rock samples.
  3. Device for setting the pressure of the fluid in the rock holes.
  4. Oscilloscope machine.
  5. Sonic viewer device  for measuring the velocity of compression and shear waves in atmospheric rock samples.
  6. Two caliber counters for measurement, manual and digital.
  7. Oven system for drying samples.
  8. Transformation for measuring rock mass with accuracy of 0.1 g.


Goals and abilities of the laboratory:

The main objectives of the laboratory are the study and measurement:

  1. Measure the velocity of compression wavesVp ) and shearVs ) in rock.
  2. Elastic coefficients including Poisson's ratio, Young's coefficient, shear modulus, and bulk modulus.
  3. Undermining the waves in the rocks.
  4. Saturation of rock samples.


Lab members:

- Faculty MembersDr. Majid Nabi Bidhendi


Call number: 61118366-61118367

- ExpertsEngineer Amir Ghahremani


Call number: 61118204