Space Plasma Laboratory

Studying natural phenomenon in the ionosphere (ionized layer in the near-Earth environment) with coherent and incoherent scattering radars, all-sky imagers, lidars, ground-based GPS receivers, ionosondes, interferometers, as well as measurements by space-based technologies such as satellites and in-situ rocket instruments has a long history in space physics and space sciences. In recent years active space experiments using high-power high-frequency (HF) ground-based transmitters such as HAARP facility has resulted in a great progress in the field of space plasma physics by taking advantage of the ionosphere as a natural space plasma laboratory.



The space plasma laboratory established in the Institute of Geophysics at the University of Tehran is the first laboratory to provide the required conditions for studying natural and artificial events created in the Earth's ionosphere. The laboratory is equipped with a large vacuum chamber and variable power microwave source with a maximum power of 1 kW.


Laboratory head:  Dr. Alireza Mahmoudian

                               Assistant professor of Space Physics Department


Phone number:     +982161118559